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Historical Pot Bellys
Historical Pot Bellys
Eccentric and curious, with famous faces and
secret spaces. These greatest of the great repose
in the palm, handheld treasures of unimaginable
delight. They are the Historical Pot Bellys,
miniature renditions of kings and queens,
statesmen and scientists, artists and philosophers...
those who have shaped our existence.

Standing two inches tall, they are carved, cast,
and crafted with minute attention and house
hidden compartments for tiny mementos.
Animal Pot Bellys
Animal Pot Bellys
Diminutive, dazzling, endearing and edifying,
a panoply of fauna depicted in miniature.
They are the Animal Pot Bellys, sometimes
representational, other times subjective, but
always charismatic.

Each has a secret compartment for storing
tiny treasures, with interior carvings that entertain.